Bursting with goodnessin every bite.

Packed Full of Flavonoids.

Everyone knows that apples are healthy. But it’s the far higher-than-average concentration of antioxidant packed flavonoids, that means Bravo® apples are bursting with health benefits.

Bravo™ apples’ unique colour indicates very high levels of all-important flavonoids*. Flavonoids have been shown to have a range of health benefits including promoting heart health, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

*Source: Flavonoid content of some Australian grown apples and potential health implications. Bondonno, Bondonno, Considine, Croft, Hodgson December 2017.

For more information on the health benefits of Bravo™ apples please see this document.

Apple Eaters Weigh Less. Bravo™ Apples – Like No Other™

Eating whole apples can help control your appetite and assist with weight loss1. Studies have shown that both adults and children who eat apples regularly are more likely to have a lower BMI1. Initially researchers believed it was the low energy density of apples that helped manage weight. More recent animal research suggests the dietary fibre (pectin) and polyphenols in apples may also play a role in appetite and weight control1.

Good For Gut Health. Bravo™ Apples – Like No Other™

Emerging research shows eating apples is associated a healthier gut bacteria1. It is believed eating apples results in positive changes to gut bacteria (or microbiome). While the exact health effects of this are not yet known, the gut microbiome is now understood to play an important role in maintaining good health and preventing disease.

Keep Your Ticker Healthy. Bravo™ Apples – Like No Other™

There is a strengthening body of scientific evidence that a regular apple habit is good for your heart1. Apples and their nutritional components help lower total and LDL cholesterol1 while observational studies link eating apples with a reduced risk of stroke, hypertension and a range of heart disease risk factors. University studies also suggest that eating apples may improve blood pressure and elasticity of blood vessels acutely2.

Put The Crunch On Cancer. Bravo™ Apples – Like No Other™

Regularly eating apples is associated with a reduced risk of some of the most common forms of cancer1. This has been shown for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma1.

Ideal Snack For Kids. Bravo™ Apples – Like No Other™

Apples are a great morning snack for kids and perfect for recess1. Research shows apples are more effective than a glass of (semi-skimmed) milk at reducing morning munchies3. Kids who regularly eat apples are more likely to have a lower BMI, better overall nutrition, a better diet and be at lower risk of obesity4.


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