A cut abovethe rest.

Stays fresh when cut.

Bravo® apples have a very high flavonoid content. Not only is that awesome for your health, it means that the white flesh is ultra slow to turn brown. Why?

The flesh of an apple begins to turn brown when it is exposed to air. This process is called oxidization. You can read more about it here.

Research shows that kids consume 71% more apples when they are served pre-cut*. Bravo® apples are a cut above the rest and with the flesh staying whiter for longer.

The secret of lasting white flesh.

Bravo® are the superhero amongst apples. Maintaining their crisp white appearance after they have been cut, they have the superpower to resist browning.

Research* from Cornell University shows that consumption of apples by kids increases by 71% when they are served cut up. This makes Bravo® apples the the perfect choice for school lunch boxes, fruit platters and all those kids who only eat apples when they’ve been chopped up!

Flavonoids are anti-oxidants, which means they impede the oxidization process. Given Bravo®’s much higher concentration of flavonoids, the oxidization process occurs much, much slower than in other apples.

Tests have shown that a Bravo® apple could still have white flesh 7 days after being cut. Which is fantastic news for lunchboxes and fruit platters across Australia.

Longer Lasting

Legendary apple breeder John Cripps created the apple variety that gives us the Bravo® apple by (naturally) crossing two popular apple varieties.

We’re proud to be GM free!

Outstanding Value

It’s true. You can buy a cheaper ($/kilo) apple than a Bravo® apple. But can you buy a better value for money snack? The Bravo® apple delivers incredible value through:

  • No wastage – Bravo® apples are always eaten – if not when you take your first bite, then store the cut apple and enjoy it later!
  • High concentration of valuable flavonoids with the great health benefits that they bring.
  • Incredible shelf life means that they can be stored for a relatively long time.
  • Convenience – no preparation needed. Simple healthy goodness is only one bite away.

You can’t buy better than a Bravo® apple!