The Best Tasting Apple

Outstanding Flavour

Bravo™ apples have a sweet and juicy taste. In recent blind taste tests the Bravo™ apple was ranked the No.1 tasting apple!

Taste is subjective – that means different people can like different tastes. In the apple industry a test called the ‘Brix Test’ measures the sugars within the apple. We’re also pleased to report that we have a great tasting apple due to the sugar and acid balance!

For the apple connoisseur professional taste testers described the Bravo™ apple as:

  • Sweet with a fresh aroma similar to the earthy smell of rain on dry earth.
  • Hints of woody, Christmas spice and red wine flavours.
  • Very pleasant, well balanced sugar to acid flavour.


Crunchy & Light

Bravo™ apples have a refreshing and crisp texture.

Under the rich burgundy skin is a firm, crisp flesh, which is loaded with juice and holds it shape well when cooked.

An Apple-A-Day

It doesn’t take a culinary genius to prepare and eat a Bravo™ apple! They are fantastic snacks, great for desserts, perfect for lunch boxes, awesome platter fillers, magnificent on the cheese board – and the many other ways you currently enjoy eating apples.

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, here’s a few recipes using Bravo™ apples as the hero that you can try.