Popping an apple into your child’s lunchbox isn’t just a tasty choice – it’s a simple and nutritious one too! But as a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, I know that there are challenges for packing apples in a way that means they’re actually being eaten.

For a start, lots of lunchboxes don’t fit whole apples, but chopping them in advance means they’ll go brown, or involves additional steps like soaking in salty water or lemon juice. As a parent of a particularly sensitive eater, I know that these things aren’t always accepted by children. I also know that lots of kids prefer their fruit chopped up (and the research even tells us this!). But if these challenges sound familiar, I’ve got great news for you. Bravo® are the new apple on the block, and they’re a gamechanger.

While apples have always been a staple for kids, Bravo® apples stand out for a few excellent reasons. This is because they’re champions at resisting browning, making them the go-to choice for kids who usually turn up their noses at discoloured apple slices. This magic trick is thanks to their high antioxidant content. In fact, I chop my apples the night before and they stay beautifully crisp and white in the lunchbox until lunchtime the next day.

Plus, Bravo®s are loaded with flavonoids, taking their healthiness to a whole new level. But what really makes Bravo® apples a hit with kids is their amazing flavour – each bite is packed with juicy goodness and just the right amount of natural sweetness. When it comes to the crunch, Bravo® apples are in a league of their own.

So, if you’re wondering why you should choose Bravo® apples over other options, the answer is clear. They’re not just healthy; they’re super-resistant to browning, extra rich in flavonoids, and, most importantly, they taste fantastic. Chopped up Bravo® apples are the lunchbox legends your kids will love.

Dr Kyla Smith is a Paediatric Dietitian with 16 years of experience, a Mum of 2 and founder of Family Mealtimes, an online subscription backed by science and filled with balanced meal inspiration, recipes, and a guide to raising children to be adventurous eaters, who feel good about their bodies.  You can check out her services at mealtimes.com.au