A Symphony of Flavour

Bravo® Apples: A Symphony of Flavour

The world of apples can feel a little overwhelming. Countless varieties vie for your attention, each promising a unique flavour profile. But sometimes, you want an apple that delivers on the classics: sweetness, juiciness, and a satisfying crunch. Enter the Bravo® apple, a contender that checks all those boxes and boasts an impressive ability to stay fresh and resist browning.

Bravo®: The Sweetheart of Apples

Forget the bland, mealy apples of your childhood. Bravo® apples are a celebration of natural sweetness. Professional taste testers have consistently rated them as some of the most delicious apples available. The secret lies in the perfect balance of natural sugars within the fruit. This creates a flavour explosion that's both refreshingly sweet and beautifully balanced.

But the story of Bravo® apples doesn't end with their sweetness. These apples also boast a unique aroma, a hint of earth, rain, and even Christmas spices, as described by taste connoisseurs. This distinct fragrance adds another layer to the sensory experience, making each bite a treat for your nose as well as your taste buds.

Crunch with Confidence: A Textural Delight

A truly satisfying apple experience requires more than just sweetness. Thankfully, Bravo® apples deliver on the crunch front as well. Each bite offers a delightful crunch resulting from the apple's crisp and firm flesh. This satisfying snap adds another dimension to the enjoyment, making Bravo® apples a refreshing and delightful snack.

Popularity Speaks Volumes: 73 Out of 100 Choose Bravo®

The evidence for Bravo®'s superiority goes beyond scientific facts and taste tests. In a 2023 consumer survey, a staggering 73% of people who tried a Bravo® apple went on to declare it their favourite. That's a resounding vote of confidence from real people seeking a delicious and convenient apple option.

More Than Just Delicious: Apples That Stay Fresh

We've all experienced the disappointment of packing a beautiful apple for lunch only to find it brown by lunchtime. Bravo® apples defy this common woe. Thanks to their high concentration of flavonoids and natural antioxidants, they exhibit a remarkable resistance to browning. This superpower allows you to confidently pre-cut your apples for lunchboxes or platters, knowing they'll stay fresh and inviting for hours.

Imagine the joy on your child's face when they open their lunchbox to find perfectly crisp and white apple slices, just as appealing as when you packed them that morning. This not only reduces food waste but also encourages healthy snacking habits.

The Science Behind the Freshness: Flavonoids to the Rescue!

The secret behind Bravo®'s impressive resistance to browning lies in its flavonoid content. These natural antioxidants act like tiny shields, slowing the oxidation process that causes browning when an apple is cut. This scientific explanation translates to practical benefits for busy parents and anyone who wants to enjoy fresh apples on the go.

Beyond the Basics: Bravo® Apples, A Nutritional Powerhouse

While the delicious flavour and impressive freshness will win you over, Bravo® apples offer more than just a delicious crunch. They're packed with essential nutrients contributing to your health and well-being. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Rich in Antioxidants: As mentioned earlier, Bravo® apples are a great source of flavonoids, which work as antioxidants to protect your cells from damage.
  • Dietary Fiber Powerhouse: Apples are well-known for their fiber content, and Bravo® apples are no exception. This fiber keeps you feeling full for longer and promotes healthy digestion.
  • Vitamin C Boost: Bravo® apples are a good source of vitamin C, which plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system and promoting overall well-being.

The Perfect Apple for Every Occasion

Whether you're packing lunches, creating a vibrant fruit platter, or simply searching for a healthy and satisfying snack, Bravo® apples are the ideal choice. Their naturally sweet flavour, delightful crunch, and impressive resistance to browning make them a versatile addition to any diet.

Ditch the flavourless apples and embrace the Bravo® difference. Experience a symphony of sweetness, crunch, and long-lasting freshness in every bite. Your taste buds (and your lunchbox) will thank you for it!

A Cut Above The Rest

Bravo® Apples: The Lunchbox Superhero That Stays Fresh

Have you ever packed a beautifully sliced apple for your child's lunchbox, only to find it brown and unappetising by lunchtime? It's a common struggle—apples can turn brown the moment you cut them. But fear not, parents! There's a new lunchbox hero in town: Bravo® Apples.

The Science Behind Bravo®'s Superpower

Bravo® apples aren't your average apple. They possess a secret weapon: a much higher concentration of flavonoids. Flavonoids are nature's antioxidants, and in Bravo® apples, they act like a shield against oxidation. This process is what causes the browning you see in cut apples.

Think of it like this: when you cut an apple, you expose its flesh to oxygen in the air. This triggers a reaction that turns the apple brown. But Bravo® apples have a higher concentration of flavonoids, which act like tiny warriors, slowing down this reaction significantly.

Research shows that a Bravo® apple can still have white flesh even 7 days after being cut! That's fantastic news for busy parents who pack lunches in advance.

Why Chopped Apples are a Win for Kids

Studies by Cornell University have revealed a surprising truth: kids are 71% more likely to eat apples when served cut up. This makes perfect sense. Chopped apples are easier for little hands to manage and more fun to eat. Plus, pre-cut apples are a lifesaver for time-crunched mornings.

Bravo® to the Rescue: Perfect Lunchbox and Platter Apples

With their remarkable ability to resist browning, Bravo® apples are the ideal choice for lunchboxes and fruit platters. Here's why:

  • Freshness that Lasts: Pack those apple slices in the morning without worrying about them turning brown by lunchtime. Bravo® apples stay fresh and inviting, encouraging your child to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack.
  • Convenience for Busy Parents: Pre-cut Bravo® apples save you precious morning time. No more frantic chopping or last-minute scrambling for snacks. Just grab a container of pre-sliced Bravo® apples, and you're ready!
  • Appealing to Picky Eaters: The absence of browning makes Bravo® apples more visually appealing, especially for children who might be hesitant to try a brown or bruised apple. The bright white flesh is inviting and encourages them to take a bite.
  • Perfect for Snacking and Sharing: Whether it's a lunchtime treat, an after-school snack, or a fun addition to a fruit platter, Bravo® apples are a crowd-pleaser. Their ability to stay fresh longer makes them perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Beyond the Lunchbox: The Many Benefits of Bravo® Apples

Bravo® apples aren't just lunchbox superstars; they offer a range of health benefits for the whole family:

  • Rich in Antioxidants: As mentioned earlier, Bravo® apples are packed with flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage.
  • A Natural Source of Fiber: Apples are a great source of fibre, which is essential for digestive health and can help keep you feeling full longer.
  • Boosts Vitamin Intake: Bravo® apples are a good source of vitamin C, which is important for a healthy immune system and overall well-being.

The Final Bite: Why Bravo® Apples Are a Must-Have

If you're looking for a delicious, healthy, and convenient apple option for your family, look no further than Bravo® apples. Their superior resistance to browning makes them the perfect choice for lunchboxes, fruit platters, and anyone who wants to enjoy a fresh and crisp apple anytime.

Bravo®Season Launch WA


We were delighted to launch the Bravo® Apple season in Western Australia yesterday with a shopper sampling session at Tucker Fresh, Kinross.

IGA Tucker Fresh, Kinross is the reigning IGA Store of the Year, and we were delighted to showcase our new season of 2024 apples to their delighted shoppers.

We welcomed Albert Zurzolo and Kelly Henderson from IGA, as well as representatives from WA Farm Direct and Pomewest, to the launch.

Pictured below are Rebecca Blackman and Victoria Mercer from WA Farm Direct.

Thanks to the team for having us!


Win Bravo® to celebrate the new season!


We are thrilled to once again celebrate the start of the Bravo® apple season with the Original Apple Giveaway of 3 MONTHS SUPPLY of apples to winners across Australia!! ⁠

Five winners will be randomly selected to win apples delivered to your door 👏🏼⁠

For your chance to win make sure you:

⭐️ Like the Facebook competition post or Instagram competition post.

⭐️ Follow Bravo Apple Facebook/Instagram page⁠

⭐️ Comment your State and tag a friend/apple lover you’d like to share your apples with! ⁠

⭐️ Enter as many times as you like - one comment/tag equals one entry ⁠

Bravo® apples are available Australia-wide at all retailers; Woolworths, Coles, Aldi & Costco as well as your local greengrocer. ⁠The winners will be randomly selected on Monday 6th May after 5 pm (AWST) and contacted via DM to coordinate delivery! ⁠


Terms and Conditions ⁠
1.To enter participants must: ⁠
- Like the competition post on either Facebook or Instagram⁠
- Follow @bravoapples on Facebook or Instagram ⁠
- Comment your State and tag one friend whom you would share the apples with – one comment and one tag equals one entry.⁠
2.Participants can enter as many times as they like.⁠
3.Giveaway runs from 7am 29 April 2024 to 5pm 6th May 2024 (AWST)⁠
4. Five winners will be randomly selected from across Australia.⁠
5.The winners will be notified via direct message (DM) on Facebook or Instagram to confirm email and phone, and subsequent details for delivery of apples. ⁠
6.The winners will each be delivered 1 tray of Bravo® apples which is 12kgs and will provide 1kg per week for 3 months.⁠
7. If for any reason we can’t arrange a delivery, a $50 gift card will be posted.

Bravo! We're Back, Baby!

The Wait Is Over! Bravo® Apples Are Back for Another Season!

With our shelves sadly empty of Bravo® apples since Christmas, it’s been a long 4 months for Bravo® fans.

But, apple aficionados, rejoice! It's finally that time of year again. The changing of the season means only one thing......

The return of the Bravo® apple!

To celebrate its return to the shelf, let's explore everything Bravo®—from its humble beginnings to its incredible journey across Australia and beyond.


A Uniquely Australian Apple Success Story

The story of Bravo® starts in 1992 with apple breeder extraordinaire, John Cripps (the mastermind behind Pink Lady apples!). He crossed the well-loved Cripps Red and Royal Gala varieties, and after over 20 years of meticulous cultivation and testing, the magic was born.

In 2014, the ANABP 01 variety, destined to become the beloved Bravo®, was introduced for trials in Australian orchards. Two years later, in 2016, Bravo™ apples officially launched in the Australian market, and they've been a smash hit ever since.


Grown with Passion, Across the Nation:

Bravo® apples aren't just any apples. They're a product of dedication and expertise from over 90 growers across Australia's diverse landscapes.

From the sunshine-soaked slopes of Stanthorpe in Queensland to the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Bravo® thrives in various regions. Victoria's Yarra Valley, Goulburn Valley, and Mornington Peninsula, along with New South Wales' Orange and Batlow regions, all contribute to the abundance of these incredible apples.  Western Australia gets a special shoutout, with Manjimup, Donnybrook/Kirup, and Perth Hills playing a significant role in Bravo® production.

Growers in all regions are now hard at work picking Bravo™ apples, ready to supply the legions of Bravo® apple fans nationwide.

The Superhero of Apples: The Power of Slow Browning

But what truly sets Bravo® apart is its unique superpower – resistance to browning!  Remember that disappointing brown tinge after cutting an apple? With Bravo®, that's a thing of the past.  Research from Cornell University shows a staggering 71% increase in apple consumption by children when served pre-cut slices. Bravo®, with its incredible slow-browning ability, becomes the perfect lunchbox and snacking hero for kids (and adults alike!).


The Science Behind Enduring Pure White Flesh

The secret lies in Bravo®'s much higher concentration of flavonoids, natural antioxidants that impede the oxidation process responsible for browning.  Tests have shown that a Bravo® apple can maintain its bright white flesh for 7 days after being cut.  This makes it a dream come true for lunchbox prep and creating visually stunning fruit platters.


Flavour that Bursts with Health Benefits

We all know apples are good for us, but Bravo® takes it a step further.  Its vibrant colour indicates an exceptionally high level of flavonoids, known for promoting heart health, lowering cholesterol, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Beyond the science, Bravo® offers a truly delightful eating experience. The perfect balance of natural sugars creates a burst of sweetness like no other apple. Each bite is a refreshing explosion of flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

Welcome Back, Bravo®!

So, the wait is finally over! By the end of the month you will be able to buy Bravo® Apples Australia wide at Woolworths, Coles, Costco, Aldi and Independent Greengrocers & Retailers . Grab a bag (or two!) of these amazing apples.

From their innovative breeding to their exceptional qualities, Bravo® apples are a true Australian success story. With their incredible taste, slow-browning magic, and abundance of health benefits, they will become a staple in your home.

Get ready to experience the magic of Bravo® once again!

Lunchbox Legends - By Dr Kyla Smith

Popping an apple into your child’s lunchbox isn't just a tasty choice – it's a simple and nutritious one too! But as a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, I know that there are challenges for packing apples in a way that means they’re actually being eaten.

For a start, lots of lunchboxes don’t fit whole apples, but chopping them in advance means they’ll go brown, or involves additional steps like soaking in salty water or lemon juice. As a parent of a particularly sensitive eater, I know that these things aren’t always accepted by children. I also know that lots of kids prefer their fruit chopped up (and the research even tells us this!). But if these challenges sound familiar, I’ve got great news for you. Bravo® are the new apple on the block, and they’re a gamechanger.

While apples have always been a staple for kids, Bravo® apples stand out for a few excellent reasons. This is because they’re champions at resisting browning, making them the go-to choice for kids who usually turn up their noses at discoloured apple slices. This magic trick is thanks to their high antioxidant content. In fact, I chop my apples the night before and they stay beautifully crisp and white in the lunchbox until lunchtime the next day.

Plus, Bravo®s are loaded with flavonoids, taking their healthiness to a whole new level. But what really makes Bravo® apples a hit with kids is their amazing flavour – each bite is packed with juicy goodness and just the right amount of natural sweetness. When it comes to the crunch, Bravo® apples are in a league of their own.

So, if you're wondering why you should choose Bravo® apples over other options, the answer is clear. They're not just healthy; they're super-resistant to browning, extra rich in flavonoids, and, most importantly, they taste fantastic. Chopped up Bravo® apples are the lunchbox legends your kids will love.

Dr Kyla Smith is a Paediatric Dietitian with 16 years of experience, a Mum of 2 and founder of Family Mealtimes, an online subscription backed by science and filled with balanced meal inspiration, recipes, and a guide to raising children to be adventurous eaters, who feel good about their bodies.  You can check out her services at mealtimes.com.au

Bravo® Apples Sponsors Hockey One Perth Thundersticks

The Perth Thundersticks and Hockey WA are pleased to announce Bravo® Apples as a partner of WA’s elite men’s and women’s hockey franchise for the 2023 Hockey One season. 

In a significant victory off the field for the Perth Thundersticks, support from Bravo® Apples will see the Bravo® Apples logo and branding on the uniforms of coaches, managers and support staff as the franchise’s official off-field team supporting partner. 

Bravo® Apples are proudly grown by more than 90 growers across Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and are readily available at major supermarkets and local independent grocers. 

Like no other, Bravo® Apples are rated as Australia’s best tasting apple – the perfect addition to lunchboxes, fruit platters, snacks, desserts and much more. 

“Supporting the Perth Thundersticks in their quest for national glory creates a wonderful symmetry for Bravo® Apples,” Sean Engelbrecht, Commercialisation Manager of Bravo® Apples said. 

“Bravo® was created, developed and grown in Western Australia and we have seen first-hand the hard work and time growers put into creating a successful product and understand the support, time, care and effort needed to create success on a national stage. 

“We are delighted to support the hard-working hockey players of WA as they seek to achieve their dreams on a national level, and we hope their actions will be an inspiration to future generations of aspiring hockey players.” 

Hockey WA CEO Fabian Ross said the partnership with Bravo® Apples is a big coup for the Perth Thundersticks in this year’s Hockey One season. 

“We are thrilled to have Bravo® Apples on board and are excited to sign a commercial partnership with a healthy, nutritious snack that was developed right here in Western Australia,” Ross said. 

“The unique partnership will provide added support for our off-field teams, a crucial part of the Perth Thundersticks program, as well as allow our elite men and women to set a fine example for future generations with their food choices. 

“It is really pleasing for our WA hockey stars to have the backing of such a strong brand that benefits our community through promoting healthy eating habits and supporting growers and we look forward to a successful relationship with Bravo® Apples this year.” 

The partnership will also see two emerging Perth Thundersticks stars act as Bravo® Apples ambassadors, with Tom Harvie and Sarah Byrnes on board as official brand ambassadors. 

2023 Season Bravo™ Apples now available!

Media Statement: 2023 Bravo® Apples New Season now available!

Today the new season of Bravo® apples was launched at Napoli Mercato in Harrisdale with Louis Mercato, Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC - Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business, Jenny Mercer; Managing Director WA Farm Direct and Rohan Prince; Director of Horticulture DPIRD. We are excited to announce the start of our distinct burgundy Bravo® Apple season! As one of the leading Australian apple brands, we are committed to delivering high-quality, fresh and slow to brown apples to our consumers.

Bravo® apples, bred in Western Australia as variety ANABP 01, are available in independent and major retail stores across Australia now. We are expecting an increase in supply of the popular Bravo® apples in season 2023, stocked across Australia in major and independent retailers – there will be more opportunity for consumers to delight in eating this fabulous apple.

WA Farm Direct are the licensed marketer of Bravo® apples and Sean Engelbrecht, National Development Manager of Bravo® Apples says the variety is much sought after for its distinct appearance, outstanding flavour and slow to brown qualities. “Bravo® apples have a balanced natural sweetness, with testing ensuring the quality is always consistent for the apple buyer in the family,” Sean says. “The apples are continuing to gain a strong following from Australian families and foodies alike.”

Our team are excited to be bringing our new season's apples to the market, and we are confident that our consumers will be delighted with the quality and taste of our fruit. We invite everyone to experience the premium flavour and slow to brown qualities of Bravo® apples at supermarkets and green grocers around Australia.

To celebrate the start of the 2023 Bravo® apple season, we are giving away a 3 MONTH SUPPLY of apples to winners across Australia!!

One winner per state will be randomly selected in WA, VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, NT and SA .The giveaway will run from 1-5 May 2023. Winners to be drawn and notified on Monday 8 May.

To be in with a chance consumers will need to make sure they:

⭐️ Like the post on Facebook or Instagram

⭐️ Follow @bravoapples

⭐️ Tag a friend/apple lover you’d like to share your apples with and comment their state!

⭐️ Enter as many times as they like - one comment/tag equals one entry

The winners will be randomly selected on Friday 5th May after 5 pm(WST) and contacted via DM to coordinate pick up!

For more information, please contact Rebecca Blackman, WA Farm Direct, 0456 954 447, [email protected]

Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC - Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business

Media Statement - https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2023/04/Bravo-apple-potential-continues-to-flourish-with-harvest-underway.aspx


Photo captions:

Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC - Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business launching the new season of Bravo® apples at Napoli Mercato

Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC - Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business and Jenny Mercer, Managing Director, WA Farm Direct launch the new Bravo® apple season at Napoli Mercato

Louis Mercato from Napoli Mercato

Bravo™ Apple and Vanilla Tart



  • Melted butter, to grease.
  • 1 sheet (25cm x 25cm) frozen puff pastry, thawed slightly.
  • 50g almond meal.
  • 1 tbsp vanilla sugar.
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon.
  • 1 egg white, lightly whisked.
  • 1 – 2 large bravo apples, quartered, cored, thinly sliced.
  • 3 tbsp apricot or plum jam or (but any is fine).
  • Crème fraiche, to serve.


1. Preheat the oven to 220°C.

2. Trim pastry to a round circle and place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Score a 2cm border around, halfway through.

3. Combine almond meal, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and egg white, and spread evenly over the pastry.

4. Peel, core and thinly slice the apples. Top pastry with a layer of apples that are overlapping.

5. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the apples are tender and the pastry is crisp and golden.

6. Melt jam by microwaving for about 1 minute. Brush evenly over apples and pastry.

7. Slice tart into quarters if you’d like and serve with crème fraiche.

Bravo™ Apples Featured in Retail World

A time ‘like no other’ to introduce your shoppers to Bravo™ Apples.

With the striking strapline ‘Like No Other’, Bravo ™ Apples have burst onto the Australian food retail scene and reignited the fresh apple category. With 80 growers across the nation now producing Bravo™ Apple crops in commercial quantities, the variety is taking a powerful foothold in the market.

Developed by the late John Cripps, who famously also created the Pink Lady apple variety, Bravo™ is now in its’ 6th season of production.

Why should you care? Well, shoppers love them. Why?

  • Bravo™ are Australia Best Tasting Apple. We’ve won multiple blind taste tests and important lead field in the industry standard Brix test (an accepted measure of apple taste based on sugar content). Australians love the sweet and juicy taste of Bravo ™ combined with the crispy, refreshing crunch.
  • For their unique burgundy beauty. The unique Burgundy skin of Bravo™ apples not only makes them eye catching on shelf, it means they are packed full of flavonoids and the many health benefits they can bring.
  • As trusted lunchbox snacks. The high antioxidant count in each apple means that the sweet white flesh is very, very slow to turn brown. This means lunchboxes and fruit platters stay in perfect condition – to the delight of main grocery buyers with children.


So why are retailers so excited about them?

  • 2022 National Consumer Research by research agency Painted Dog showed that Bravo Apples had the highest repurchase rate of any apple variety in Australia. Once you’ve tried a Bravo, you are more likely to go back it than any other apple.


  • With the commoditization of the apple category, retail margins have been put under extreme pressure. Bravo ™ Apple customers are prepared to pay more for their unique product attributes.


  • There are a range of different product and pack size opportunities for independent supermarkets to use immediately.


And why is now a time ‘like no other’ to try them?

Take advantage of a massive national promotion to get your customers to trial Bravo™ apples.

Bravo ™ apples have just kicked off a 12-week program giving away a chance to ‘Win $100k’, with other supporting cash prizes.  Shoppers simply scan the QR code provided on fruit for a chance to win.

Your first order will come with all the merchandising for the promotion you will need – and help drive trial of the product with your shoppers.


How To Get Them

WA Farm Direct are the exclusive national supplier of Bravo™ apples.

For details on the product range, promotion and how Bravo™ can make a real different to your apple category, contact Sean Englebrecht on 0499146646 or [email protected]

For more details on Bravo™ apples see our website at bravoapples.com.au